Decorative Concrete – Functional To Fashionable

If you never thought that dull and boring concrete could be innovative and fun, companies providing Minnesota construction services might just have some surprises for you. Chances are that most of the developed surfaces you see use some type of concrete, wood, carpets, or tiles.

While many buildings are made of concrete, it is not necessary to keep this sturdy building material grey and uninteresting. Minnesota building contractors use contemporary ideas and technology to transform utility into decoration. To embellish the concrete, the commercial construction industry uses a variety of materials that can either be used during the pouring process or after the concrete has been cured.

Types of Concrete and Decorative Procedures Used by Minnesota Building Contractors:

Stamped Concrete is adding texture and color to the concrete to make it resemble natural products like wood, shells, stone, brick, and the like. This material has almost limitless possibilities, and its great durability combined with low costs makes stamped concrete very popular in new constructions and renovations.

Acid Staining is a coloring process involving a chemical reaction. The application of water, salts, and acid react with the existing minerals in the concrete to create new colors. This technique is more effective on indoor surfaces. A protective coating gives enhanced durability.

Water-Based staining this is not a reaction but more of a coating that bonds with the concrete surface. This is a nontoxic process.

Scoring is cutting shallow lines directly into the concrete. If done before the staining it gives a uniform color; if done afterwards, it exposes the natural color of the concrete. Each produces different effects.

Epoxy Paints come in a wide range of colors and offer durable and chemical spill-resistant advantages. These are applied over acid stained and/or overlays; also available in water-based forms.

Polished Concrete started as an answer to industrial floor problems and is now a very popular decorative concrete application. Here, mechanical grinders and diamond pads give a hard-glossy finish to the surface. Acid stains and concrete dyes can be used to increase options.

Overlays a cement layer is poured over the existing worn layer. Polymer cement overlays have greatly improved this process’s performance and are more resistant to corrosion from salt, petrochemicals, traffic, UV, and harsh weather conditions.

Minneapolis Construction Industry Uses Decorative Concrete Applications in:

Theme Parks Stamped concrete is gaining steady popularity in flatwork and pedestrian areas. This process lends itself wonderfully to variety.

Interior Flooring Stained concrete floors are popular with big retailers due to their cost effectiveness. Polished concrete is preferred in educational and medical buildings because of the reflective, attractive, and easy maintenance surface.

Green Building As the water-based applications are environmentally friendly and the high reflective surface reduces energy demands, decorative concrete is the preferred choice in green buildings.

Nowadays people expect more than the basic function of concrete. With improved techniques and materials, concrete offers value engineering not only through low costs and maintenance, but also superior finish and colors, designs, and textures to suit all tastes. Companies providing Minnesota construction services can offer all this and more.

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The History of Elastic and Its Use in Clothing

Elastic is a small narrow loop of rubber or similar material used for tightening, gripping, and holding of things with ease purposes. It has the quality of being stretched and then returning back to its original shape. Elastic has different names like rubber bands, gum bands, binder, and lacquer band.

The history of elastic has its roots back to thousands of years. The modern elastic band goes back to the mid 19th century. From the very beginning, man knew there were certain objects that would spring back to their original shape when the pressure applied on them was removed.

At first, this thing annoyed man but with the invention of fire and creating the wheel, man also thought of using elastics in his life. This property of elasticity was commonly showed by the animal parts, which man ate. Thus, the first elastic strings were born, which were made from animal gut to hold things together. With the passage of time, man realised that these strings of elastic could also be used as weapons. When a bullet was loaded in to these elastic strings, they were thrust through the air at a great velocity. This resulted in the invention of bow and arrow.

Rubber is a very popular elastic material. Many of the products made from rubber are bounced around, stretched, and pounded, and since they are elastic they return to their original shape. Because of this property, people use rubber in a lot many ways. It was named rubber because people found out it could rub the pencil stains. Rubber was used by the Early American Indians before Columbus even set his foot there. They called it Caoutchouc derived from the word cahuhchu meaning weeping wood.

This substance was obtained from the sap of the rubber tree. The original rubber bands in older days were made from the latex sap of rubber trees. However, today rubber bands are made from technology that is more modern and materials. The Mayans also added juice from vines to the rubber sap to create a durable and elastic material to bind things together. This was the first type of the rubber band. Later in 1845 modern rubber band was invented. In 1923, first mass production of rubber bands was started by William Spencer.

Other elastic materials have also several uses. Rubber has various uses in today’s world. Rubber is used for tires, elastic bands and other bouncy and stretchable objects. Elastic materials are also used in sports. Insulated, elastic balls are essential to many sports as non-elastic balls would deform when used. Basketballs, volleyballs, and soccer balls have to be elastic to allow them to their normal shape.

Elastic is used in clothing as well mostly for fitting purposes. Elastic provides a room for stretch ability and recoverability of clothes. The elastic waistbands are especially very much in use. They help you choose pants, trousers, etc of size smaller than your original waist, thus making you look slimmer. In addition, they can be used for a longer period, since they don’t get wasted if you gain or lose weight. They are adjustable. Elastics are also used for chest fitted gowns or shirts. They also act as an accessory to create various designs on your shirts. The elastic laminated sheet is also used in many articles of clothing. Such articles include shirts, pants, skirts, dresses, socks, athletic wear, swimsuits, shorts, medical and surgical garments et cetera. The stretch ability and recoverability in these clothes because of elastic sheet helps movements easy and make clothes more durable since they don’t get torn or ruptured.

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Impact of Fast Fashion on Society

Fast fashion refers to the clothing which makes its way straight from the catwalk to the store. Many leading designer brands including H&M, Zara and pioneer 21 have shifted to this mass productivity culture. Further, the quick response method and increased efficiency of the supply chain have helped customers remaining up to date with the recent trends in fashion technology. However, the apparel industry suffers from a few major drawbacks, including its massive share in the environment footprint.

According to Fisher, the CEO of Fisher 21, “fashion industry is the second biggest environment polluter after oil wells”. In the UK, every year around 35 tonnes of clothes are dumped in landfills most of them are made from nylon and polyester which are non-biodegradable in nature. 90% of the clothing is imported in the United States and the huge scale transportation is met by using low-grade bunker fuel driven ships which emit toxic nitrous oxide and is a major contributor to the greenhouse effect.

The other problem includes detrimental workmanship where workers are subjected to poor working conditions made to work on minimal wages due to lack of itemization of labor costs.

The children working in the Rana plaza factory said they were made to work all day long with no intervals in between and were paid less than a dollar a day. When asked for rest and a day off due to illness they were beaten severely and struck oilcloth in their mouths as a result of which many of them fell sick and died.

The story of pregnant women was no different they weren’t given maternity leave and were continuously threatened by abortion if they failed to do their work.

Apart from the shoddy workmanship fast fashion had a major impact on the designers of the world. On being asked about what he feels about fast fashion industry, Shivam a fashion designer from France replied:” Fast fashion has made us no better than the salesman, designers have no room for creativity, they have to copy designs from the other brands, because there is always a pressure from the marketing heads.”

One big step to sustainable fashion would be to unlearn that fashion democratizes style and has a role to play in global capitalism. Fast fashion would hit the roadblock with increasing customer awareness of its harmful effects, the importance given to the phrase “who made our clothes” and encouraging the reuse of old clothes either by selling or by donating to the needy.

Our clothes are so cheap that to raise wages, and consequently, prices would improve the lives of developing world workers but for this, we have to spend something from our wallets. retailers and distributors, as well as the federal government, should strive to enforce certain basic worker and environmental protections throughout the full length of the supply chains, wherever in the world these may extend.

Application of strict labor laws ensuring proper working conditions pay rates, educational and health services given to workers.

There should be a provision of recreation and suitable resting intervals between working hours, the establishment of rehabilitation programs and regular inspection by government officials of the working conditions of the factory. Stopping the “unauthorized production,” in which a contractor sub-contracts manufacturing to an unauthorized factory, potentially one that fails to meet internationally recognized or even company-required labor, production, or building standards.

We must remember if everyone is doing their bit than one small step can big a radical change to the society.

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Is Gold Jewelry More Fashionable Than Silver Jewelry?

Nowadays, you don’t have to be a fashionista to know how important it is to accessorize any outfit. Today’s street wear tends to be simpler and more comfortable than before, but you must add a little silver or gold glitz to your faded jeans if you want to be a stunning appearance.

Needless to say that accessories are a must-have if you want to be glam. Therefore, the ladies who choose the little black dress to go to a party can embellish their outfits with a gold belt, a silver necklace, a pair of gold earrings or a nice gold pendant. These are items that any woman should have in her jewelry box.

If silver is mostly chosen by young girls, being associated with daywear, gold clothing and accessories are on top of the list when it comes to vintage fashion and evening gowns. Vintage fans can now invest in beautiful unique gold jewelry pieces which once belonged to great grandmothers, available on internet or in specialized shops. Nevertheless, it is a matter of personal style if you choose to wear gold or silver in order to sparkle. You can also choose both, if you love to wear gold and silver bangle bracelets for example.

Although according to ancient traditions a wedding ring should be simple, without any fancy features, as it stands as a symbol of commitment, nowadays this principle does not apply any more. More and more married or engaged couples want their gold wedding rings to have intricate models, with diamonds and other gemstones.

More importantly, we shouldn’t ignore that buying gold is not only a women’s caprice. It is sometimes advisable for men too. Everybody knows women love successful and stylish men. A gold bracelet will be an investment in terms of price and image. A businessman’s appearance says a lot about his business; therefore it is of utmost importance to look well when closing a deal or presenting an offer to a potential partner.

As we are facing economical recession, we should also consider buying gold as a good investment for the future. Gold will always be both long-lasting and very good-looking, so perhaps men will be more interested in buying gold pieces as a sign of gratitude towards their spouses, also feeling that they made a very good investment.

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Pros and Cons of the Baby Trend Double Jogging Stroller

After much research, the critics’ choice for a double stroller has to be, hands down, the Baby Trend Double Jogging Stroller. They make 2 models, the Navigator and the Expedition.

The difference in the two is the Navigator has 2 of everything. Two front swivel tires, two separate canopies, can adapt to fit two infant car seats, and has 2 child trays. The Expedition has one front swivel tire, one canopy that extends across both seats, and no child tray. Both however are very well made, sturdy, strollers.

The Navigator I think has a few more pro’s though than the Expedition. If you are pushing 2 children close in age, the one front swivel tire of the Expedition seems to be adequate. If however you have 2 children whose ages are say 3 years old, and 15 months old, the 2 tire Navigator model seems better equip. The reason for this is that naturally your 3 year old weighs more than your 15 month old. With one tire, the stroller tends to lean more toward the heavier child when turning. Having two tires distributes the weight and turns more smoothly.

Pros and Cons

  • Having separate canopies in the Navigator also has its advantages. For instance, the sun does not necessarily hit in the same place just because your children are side by side. Maybe one child may have the seat reclined more than the other and have problems with the sun being in his face. You can adjust each canopy to the comfort of each child.
  • Also another big factor with the Navigator is there are 2 child trays. This is a really nice feature.
  • Both models come equip with a MP3 player speakers that have mixed reviews. The sound is not that loud and powerful. Some people do not really care and do not use it even though it is there, and others have said what a great feature it is. It is entertaining to their children, especially when they are jogging. At least it is there is you choose to use it. It certainly does not seem to be the deal maker.
  • Both strollers have a large foot rest that has plenty of room for both children. It also makes a good place for your third child to take a little rest on.
  • As for opening and closing, both strollers are very easy to do in that department.
  • They have plenty of storage under the stroller and in back of each seat. The adult cup holders are deep and there is a compartment which can open and close to hold keys or baby wipes.
  • On the downside, these double strollers tend to be heavy and do not expect to fit through standard doorways with the stroller open. If you are aware of this before you buy, you can learn to make allowances for these few cons. It certainly is not a deal breaker. What can you expect? A double stroller will be double the weight but worth it in the ease of operation and comfort of your children.

Perhaps these strollers were made with the intent of being used outdoors jogging, but we all know how good they are when were on vacation, or just going somewhere where it would be hard to deal with your children running amuck. Baby Trend Double Jogging stroller allow you the advantage of traveling with 2 children with less stress which we all know makes for a better time for all involved.

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Online Shopping for Clothing: 5 Great Advantages

Nowadays online shopping for clothes has become more like a daily activity for the modern women. Despite its few flaws, buying clothing from an e-retailer is very popular. GSI Commerce survey on online shopping shows that half of the consumers prefer shopping for fashion clothing and accessories online to purchasing them offline. Online shopping for clothes has earned its place deservedly and we have to admit it.

Buy clothes online 24/7

One of the most important advantages of the online shopping for clothing is that you can buy your clothes regardless of what time it is. If you usually are engaged with work at the office till late, deal with your kids during day, having classes at the university and it seems that you do not have enough time for shopping, buying your apparel online is the perfect solution. You can look for an e-store and buy fashion clothes at 22:00 pm


Another benefit of the online shopping for clothing is the great opportunity to browse an international market at the simple click of a button. You can find so many online shops offering different styles – casual, formal clothing, you name it. You are into the vintage style, but you do not have a shop with vintage fashion near you, well you can find an e-shop offering great vintage clothing pieces.


Online shopping for clothes gives you the freedom to shop not only at the early hours in the morning or at the late hours of the night, but you can buy clothes online regardless of where you are – at the cafe with friends, during your vacation, or at the office during your break. As we live in the era of smart phones and Google, we access to internet almost everywhere shopping for clothing online is such an entertainment.

During holiday and season sales shopping centers get so crowded. It is quite a ‘mission impossible’ to reach the cute shirt at the end of the store. No more waiting on queues to pay for what you have managed to get. Buying clothing online is easy and saves a lot of time though. Even, you can make a gift and surprise your friend who is far from your location. Just purchase an item he or she likes and give his / her address for delivery.

Price comparison & Reviews

Buying your apparel online gives you the great advantage to compare the price of the particular item different retailers offer for it. Moreover, there are so many third-party independent websites for rating and reviewing products. It is a good idea to check what people say about the product you are about to purchase.


Last, but not least, great benefit of the online shopping for clothing is the great bargain opportunities. Online stores for clothing make great sales and discounts, especially during holidays. Perfect way to save money on buying clothes online is to take advantage of the coupons many e-stores offer. Shopping for clothes online and saving a few bucks – you can not miss such an opportunity.

Time you are On Next about to shop for clothes and fashion accessories, Post why do not to a try online shopping for clothing . You can find a great deal.

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Trend Trading Strategies For Binary Options

Most financial speculators who utilize binary options have followed so called trend trading strategies with binary options as methods for optimizing their returns. Trend trading binary options refer to watching the gains and losses of the chosen market, and figuring out the chances for the momentum to continue or reverse. It still relies on the original binary format, but adds the wisdom of market flow concepts from careful monitoring and applying basic principles.

Fiscally defined, the word ‘trend’ pertains to the overriding path that the value of a plus point travels, which is either over one or more time sections. Lesser term trends subsist as elements of more substantial trends that last for various lengths of time. It is imperative to recognize the movement over the interval and comprehend the bigger picture before deciding to buy and sell.

The popularity of trading trends is attributable mostly to the ease of setting bets, as well as the comparatively small outlay and quick as well as high turnarounds, which are possible. Added to that, casual traders and hopeful investors are showing more interest in opportunism afforded by current economic markets. Some platforms are reporting earnings from trend trading binary options in excess of 82 percent of the time, consistently.

Since trend trading with digital options is not a finite system, the kind of wisdom it takes to collect consistently massive profits is not something that can be taught without incorporating experience. It behooves investors, for this reason, to learn to restrain their immediate sentiments and instead keep calm before selecting their next move. Reactionary bets throw trend trading triumphs to the wind.

Most authorities in Forex, as well as those in digital options trading, advise avoiding the elephant approach that has the investor dumping heavily in one place. Diversifying funds is just as important in binary option trend trading as it is anywhere else. That, and reserving your bets to right money, or disposable funding.

One distinct type of options trading is the pairing method. With this system, which is best for limiting venture, the strategist splits his stake between put and call selections. In this way, a specified amount is fail-safe revenue, depending on if the trade times out amid the chosen amounts. Nevertheless, complete profits can be the reward for an accurate call.

Strategies like the double-trade are best employed by investors who are in the black, and well on the path to producing revenue. This approach funds a pair or more trades concurrently. The result is protection against a total lose by potentially bringing in returns from the supplementary fund.

One more trading strategy used for digital options is the reversal trade. Before the clock runs out, if a rapid plummet or climb in the cost of the particular product becomes noticeable, the individual may switch the option to counter a precise profit range.

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History and Clothing in Ancient Japan

Japanese history includes alternating periods of isolation and revolutionary influences from the rest of the world. As early as the Jomon period from about 14000BC to 300 BC, Japan had a hunter-gatherer lifestyle; wooden stilt houses, pit dwelling, and agriculture. Weaving was still unknown and the ancient Japanese clothing consisted of fur. However, some of the world’s oldest pottery is found in Japan, along with daggers, jade, combs made form shell and clay figures.

The period thereafter to 250 BC saw the influx of new practices like weaving, rice sowing, iron and bronze making influenced by china and Korea. Chinese travelers describe the men ‘with braided hair, tattooing and women with large, single-piece clothing.’ Initially ancient Japanese clothing consisted of single piece clothing. The ancient and classical Japan begins from the middle of the 3rd century to 710. An advanced agricultural and militaristic culture defines this period. By 645, Japan rapidly adopted Chinese practices and reorganized its penal code.

The peak period of ancient Japan and its imperial court is from 794 to 1185. Art, poetry, literature and trade expeditions continued with vigor. Warlords and powerful regional families ruled ancient Japan from 1185 to 1333 and the emperor was just a figure head. By the Japanese Middle Ages, Portugal had introduced firearms by a chance landing of their ship at Japanese coast; samurai charging ranks were cut down; trade with Netherlands, England and Spain had opened up new avenues. Several missionaries had entered Japan as well.

Distinct features of the lifestyle, ancient Japanese clothing and women is difficult to decipher for the simple reason that it is super-imposed by the Chinese culture. Ancient Japan readily adopted other cultures and practices and most of its own culture is lost among these adaptations.

Ancient Japanese clothing was mostly unisex, with differences being in colors, length and sleeves. A Kimono tied with an Obi or a sash around the waist was the general clothing and with the advent of western clothing are now mostly worn at home or special occasions. Women’s obi in ancient Japanese clothing would mostly be elaborate and decorative. Some would be as long as 4meters and tied as a flower or a butterfly. Though a Yukata means a ‘bath clothing’, these were often worn in the summers as morning and evening gowns. Ancient Japanese clothing consisted of mena and women wearing Haori or narrow paneled jacket for special occasions such as marriages and feasts. These are worn over a kimono and tied with strings at the breast level.

The most interesting piece of ancient Japanese clothing is the ju-ni-hitoe or the ‘twelve layers’ adorned by ladies at the imperial court. It is multi-layered and very heavy and worn on a daily basis for centuries! The only change would be the thickness of the fabric and the number of layers depending on the season. Princesses still wear these on weddings.

Since the Japanese people don’t wear footwear inside their homes, tabi is still worn. These are split -toe socks woven out of non-stretch materials with thick soles. Clogs have been worn for centuries in ancient Japan and were known as Geta. These were made of wood with two straps and were unisexual. Zori was footwear made of softer materials like straw and fabric with a flat sole.

Ancient Japanese clothes, culture and footwear are slowly regaining their popularity with the western world. There is an honest curiosity in knowing more, wearing kimonos or using silk fabrics with beautiful floral prints from the ‘land of the rising sun’.

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